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stigter van doesburg 

*CRYBABY - INdex stockhom, 9 February- 28 April 

*prix de rome - Stedelij Museum, Amsterdam,
13 October 2023 - 3 March 2024

Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem - curated by Manique Hendricks, 17 November 2023 - 3 March 2024
* Brave and pathetic is better than drowning in shame - duo show with Max göran - curated by Adomas Narkevičius, Cell Project space, London, o8.12.2023 - 25.02.2024  

*rencontres internationales paris 2022
*The lure - Duo show with MARILOU BAL - CURATed by THOMAS CONCHOU, SISSI club, marseille  
* Even a worm will turn - curated by Veigar Ölnir Gunnarsson, Sandra Pérez Møystad and Arnbjörg María Danielsen, Nordic house, reykjavik
* Frenemy - duo show margaret haines - curated by sjoerd kloosterhuis, ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose is a rose, amsterdam 

*Athens Biennale 7 edition: ECLIPSE, Curated by Omsk Social Club and Larry Ossei-Mensah, Athens

*Wild filly story - solo - curated by Christina Gigliotti, editorial, vilnius
*Regenerate - Curated by Zoë Gray & Helena Kritis @ wiels, brussels

*WILD FILLY STORY - solo - curated by Rhea dall @ UKS, OSLO 
*Bloomers in the woods - solo@ Stigter van doesburg, Amsterdam
*I´M FROM NOWHERE GOOD - Curated by Thomas Conchou @ Maison Populaire, Montreuil

*3Package deal Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst *suck on me harder i eat you for starter, solo at lilyrobert gallery, paris *Abstract Sex: We don’t have any clothes, only equipment, - conceived by Ilaria Bonacossa and Curated by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti and Guido Costa, Turin  *HellFun @ 3HD Festival - Curated by Tomke Brun, Daniela Seitz, Anja Weigl, Berlin *FOR BETTER OR WORSE Kunstverein Göttingen Curated by Tomke Braun and Daniela Seitz *Conversing Motherboards - Curated by Petra Heck, De Studio, Antwerp Art weekend *Performance: Failure is a feeling that exist long before it comes, De Studio, Antwerp Art weekend

*The TICK - Theodora Niemeijer Prijs @ Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven
*Sister said to Satan: my diary is too hot for you. Duo Show with Margaret Haines @ AuotoItalia, London *Feature Expanded with Natasja Loutchko *6th MOSCOW International Biennale for Young Art Curated by Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti, Moscow *It´s a long way to heaven @ TEGEL ART  MEGA + YEK - Curated by Maria Elena Guerra Aredal & Asrin Haidari, Stockholm *Haptic House - Curated by Penny Rafferty @ Horse and Pony Fine Arts, Berlin *A guiding dog for a blind dog, Curated by Lukas Hoffman @ Contemporary Art FUTURA, Pragu *The Hazenstraat Biennale @ Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterda *Moons film program - curated by vera Hoffman @ Schwules Museum, Berlin *Beyond future is past - curated by Dr. Gail Kirkpatrick and Marcus Lütkemeyer  @ Kunsthalle Münster

Rocky: Quick and Dirty in Societeit Sexyland -  Curated by Petra Heck and Maaike Gouwenberg, Amsterdam, NL Het Mysterie van de Waarheid - Mini Museumnacht - Curated by Merel Noorlander en Arjen Lancel
*Residency - Gwangju South Korea - Rijksakademie dialoge and exchange ACC Asian Cultural Centre, Gwangju, South Korea *Sorbus Gallery - duo show with Aapo Nikkanen *The Future is Feminist  *Todays Art, Den Haag, NL *FallingWater curated by Mayo Bucher, Ardez, Switzerland
*IM IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE -Eternal Night - The Explanation *My Wild Flag Performance festival, Stockholm, SE *Los Derivados, curated by Larisa Zmud & Alan Segal , Buenos Aires, Argentina *Rolling Snowball/8, Xiamen, Curataded by Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Ineke Gudmundsson, Annelie Musters, Sophie Zhu and May Le *One work Gallery, Vienna *PERFORMANCE / PUBLIC FILM SHOOT: HellFun - IM IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE - Eternal Night
Flam Festival, Amsterdam
*PERFORMANCE: HellFun for NEVER NEVER LAND at Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam *Publication Launch: HORSEGIRL by EVBG, Josefin Arnell & Natasja Loutchko Uqbar, Berlin  *MAMACAMP  - EVBG presents: Josefin Arnell & Natasja Loutchko Uqbar, Berlin

2015/2016 rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, amsterdam
2012-2014 sandberg instituut - dirty art, amsterdam
2006-2011 Beckmans college of design, Stockholm

supported by mondriaan Fund