Failure Is A Feeling That Exist Longer Before It Comes

Commissioned by Antwerp Art Weekend
Conversing Motherboards at De Studio Antwerp
Curator: Petra Heck
Cast: Stina Fors & Jeannette Huizinga
Music: Iris Bauer
Costume: Stefan Kartchev
Photo: Karina Beumer

In this horror (infected love) story blood sucking ticks have taken over the world. Playing with failure as a concept or emotion for trying to reflect on the darker side of humanity itself and our complicated coexistence with nature. A family drama breaks out between Mother Earth and mutated ticks - her own son (The Tick).

Sometimes the Ticks feel objectified by the earth cos she don’t give a shit about the ticks emotions she just wants to use their body capacity and skills. Mother earth knows this might be a bit harsh but she feels pleasure in this, in her defence she says it’s easy to be evil when you are in pain.

02:00 min video loop (parts animated)

Hunted though the forest by a tick.
Commissioned by Antwerp Art Weekend
Curated by Petra Heck